I believe in miracles. I believe the Lord performed one of these miracles when He sent me back to Germany as a speaker for "Berlin for Jesus '81." I spoke to over 37,000 German people about forgiveness.

Why is this such a miracle? Let me give you an idea of what it was like for me. When I was first asked to speak, my reaction was one of horror. For anyone to ask me to set foot on the land where my family was extinguished was more than I could bear. I was torn between obeying the Lord and holding on to my bitterness and hate; the Lord finally won. The miracle was that God spoke through me in Germany about Romans 8:1 and Matthew 6:12-15, scriptures speaking of forgiveness.

But even more importantly, He healed my hurting heart and ministered to many others. After I spoke, six ex-Nazi soldiers came up to me and asked me to forgive them; one even told me he was a guard in the camp where I was. If God saw fit to forgive them, who was I not to forgive. God is, indeed, a miracle working God!

I would like to tell you of many more miracles the Lord has performed in my life. Come and hear the Lord's word that He may work a miracle in you.

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