Rose's Ministry

Rose's national and international ministry has become quite extensive. The following is just a partial list of the many places Rose has ministered:

Television & Radio

  • Jewish Jewels Television Program: She is Tante Rose - Lauderdale Lakes, FL - Neil Lash, Director
  • The Jewish Voice Broadcast: Television and Radio - Phoenix, AZ - Jonathan Bernis, Director
  • The Messianic Vision - Georgia -Sid Roth, Director
  • Family Radio - California
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network - "Praise the Lord" program
  • Christian Broadcasting Network - "The 700 Club" program
  • 100 Huntley Street - Toronto, Canada
  • Jamaica, W.I.
  • Women's Aglow Fellowships - various places
  • Christian Women's Outreach
  • Bayview Church - Mobile, AL - Samuel Phillips, Pastor
  • Calvary Assembly of God - W. Palm Beach, FL - William Ilnitsky, Pastor
  • Honduras, C.A.
  • The Christian Retreat, Bradenton, Florida
  • Messiah Conferences - The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania
  • Ruach Conferences - sponsored by the Assemblies of God, 1st Assembly
  • God, New Orleans, LA - Marvin Gorman, Pastor
  • Berlin for Jesus - Reconciliation Day
  • Nuremberg, Germany - Anniversary of the Proclamation of Hitler
  • High School Ministry
  • Poland

In addition, Rose has spoken at Churches, Synagogues, and both public and private schools in more than 30 of the United States of America. She was a featured speaker at Berlin for Jesus and in Nuremberg at the Anniversary of Hitler's proclamation. She has been an honored guest in Canada, Poland, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

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